Campaign Objectives:

  • To partner with Paediatric Oncology Department and The Cancer Survivors Quest to raise awareness on Childhood Cancer issues in Malawi.
  • To galvanise our customers and the general public to get involved in cancer awareness.
  • To #Showsomelove to those in the fight against cancer in our society.

Campaign Mechanic

  • The campaign will run for one month (13th February to 12th March 2017).
  • MTL MiNET customers, both EVDO and WiMAX, will be able to contribute to the Cancer Survivors Quest by purchasing the new Beat Cancer bundles available on the MTL website, instead of the normal bundles. This is optional.
  • Funds raised from the additional charge on the bundle will be forwarded to the Cancer Survivors Quest at the end of the campaign.
  • MTL will match each amount raised during this campaign. Customers are therefore encouraged to #showsomelove by switching to the new Beat Cancer bundles.
  • The creation of new bundle codes was to ensure accountability as these can be properly tracked and audited in the billing system.