Postpaid Phone

This is a fixed ground line and fixed wireless phone service that allows residential customers to make and receive phone calls by topping up their phones with prepaid phone units. It is provided either through the copper/fiber network or the wireless network which uses the technology called Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). The wireless phone line is called LibertyPHONE line and it works within 40 km radius of base transmission stations in the city where it was registered.

Prepaid Phone

Prepaid phone service can be accessed where there is the copper/fiber network or CDMA network. Customers are required to buy prepaid calling cards to top up their phones with prepaid phone units. Prepaid calling cards come in denominations of MK 50, MK100, MK 200, MK500 , MK 1000 and MK 5000.
Prepaid phone service helps you manage your phone bills well and can also be used for dial-up internet access.
You will need the following to have access to prepaid phone service
* A working physical copper line connection that connects your office to an MTL’s exchange OR a registered LibertyPHONE line.

* A fixed line telephone handset Prepaid phone units
You can apply for a fixed phone line or buy a LibertyPHONE and prepaid calling cards at any MTL shop near you. MTL shops also stock and sell a wide variety of fixed ground telephone handsets.