Telephone services

This is a voice service that offers homes and individuals the liberty to spend according to their pockets and/or needs while enjoying the most affordable on peak, off peak rates. MTL offers both mobile and fixed phone services that are accessible using either MTL recharge voucher or by using pre-paid calling card.

Mobile Phone Services

You can enjoy MTL pre-paid services wherever you go with our mobile phone services available across the country. MTL mobile phones are available in MTL service centres, Peoples, Chipiku and other authorised distributors and dealers across the country.

Fixed Phone Service

This is a telephone service offered through copper lines to residential areas. Provisioning of fixed line service is depended on availability of free lines in your area. To get connected customers must visit or contact any MTL Service Centre.

Direct phone recharge service

Customers can directly recharge their account by subscribing to MTL mobile services or pre-paid fixed line. Customers must purchase an MTL recharge voucher available in denominations of K50, K100, K200, K500, K1, 000, & K 5,000. To recharge customers can Dial *100*pin# (on Mobile ONLY) or Dial 210 (on Mobile and Fixed) and follow voice instructions

MTL Pre-Paid calling card

Customers can enjoy the liberty to use any MTL pre-paid phone even if they do not own an MTL phone. The customer can purchase an MTL pre-paid voucher, find an MTL phone booth or any other MTL prepaid phone (Fixed or Mobile), dial 212 and follow voice prompts. After using the service the customer simply cuts the phone and any unused airtime remains in the card, which can be used again at any other MTL pre-paid phone or phone booth.

Vouchers are available from MTL Service Centres and authorised dealers wherever you see the ‘MTL AIRTIME SOLD HERE’ signage (visit for a dealer near you)

Value Added Services

You can also instantly recharge, check balance, send a please call me and or share airtime through ME2U


  1. 1. Direct airtime recharge
  2. 2. Balance inquiry
  3. 3. Please call me
  4. 4. ME2U
  • Dial *100*Card Number*Pin Number# then call; check inbox for transaction information
  • Dial *101# then call; check inbox for transaction information
  • Dial *102*Number to call back# then call; check inbox for transaction information
  • Dial *103*Number to receive airtime*Amount to be transferred# then call.



This is an Electronic Airtime Sales service that offers instant recharge directly into ones account. The service can be accessed through MTL Service Centers or Authorized Dealers and allows you to purchase according to whatever you can afford at the time.

Machawi Benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience

Look out for the “MACHAWI” signage.