Press Release

MTL Relocates its Head Office

In a continuous bid to serve its customers more efficiently and in a better and convenient environment, MTL has relocated its head office from Lamya House at Maselema to MTL Complex at Chichiri, behind Chichiri Shopping Mall, off Moi Road.


MTL’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Harry Gombachika said the new location of the head office will improve efficiency and the speed with which to assist customers since the complex houses several core functions of the company.


“Our relocation is consistent with our strategic plan of providing connectivity solutions faster and better for customers’ greater experience.  Again, it is part of an integrated corporate restructuring that optimally balances business strategy, business modeling, financial and operational structures,” said Dr Gombachika.

Dr Gombachika added that by placing several functions in one complex, the company would be putting key staff in close proximity of each other to drive efficiency in the company.

The new MTL Complex will be fully operational from 1st April, 2016.  It has been modernly refurbished to include ample parking space for both visitors and members of staff.

The new MTL Complex houses the head office named Lunjika House which houses Executive Management, corporate, finance, human resource and administration functions.  Also in the complex is Mzati House which is the pillar of telecommunications, housing the National Network Operations Centre and the Data Centre.  Again in the complex is Maziko House which houses the Exchange, the Digital Migration Centre and MTL’s support services.


The relocation has not affected communication contacts for the head office hence telephone and telefax numbers will remain the same.





Corporate Affairs Manager




17th March, 2016